What to do Mon night after Zumba? Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars is one of several dance programs on the air right now, and probably the most popular among tv audiences. I can’t pinpoint the appeal but for whatever reason, I tune in each week too!  As much as I wanted Iron Chef America’s Mark Decascos to do well, I’m going to predict a final between Kelly Osbourne and Natalie Coughlin.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Louie Vito shows up in the top three either.  Mya is just too good and I do not think the voters want a ringer to win.

Now what, if anything, can we take away from the show to apply to Zumba?  Ballroom dancing and Zumba Fitness are pretty different but they still share some common ground

Posture is important. I don’t emphasize a lot of form in my class but posture is something most of us can use a reminder about on a daily basis. Chin up, shoulders back and down, chest open. A worthy goal for back health, proper breathing, and just looking your best.

The first time you encounter a new song can be testing. In the tape of the practice sessions, the celebrities usually appear a little overwhelmed, especially these first weeks when their confidence is shaky. However, each time they show up on the dance floor, they look cool as cucumbers and execute the steps, just as they were taught. Which means that each subsequent time they practiced the steps, it must have gotten easier. Sound familiar?

The core is key. I’d never even heard of my core until maybe 7 or 8 years ago. Nowadays, it’s impossible to go to any sort of exercise class and not hear it mentioned. The judges and professionals on Dancing with the Stars frequently refer to using the core for balance, control, and the all important posture. Core strength is also significant in protecting your back from injury and adding power to athletic movement.  Plus a conditioned core just might make your pants fit better too!

In this months lineup, I have 2 songs that incorporate core strengthening moves.In our cooldown during the gentle front and back marches, a lot of body control comes into play because the movement is so slow. In Dale Pa’lante, during the “3-2-1” countdown, we hop from one leg to the other and freeze in between. In both these songs, to keep from toppling over, try to use your core, rather than your limbs. For more info about core strength, the difference between abdominal muscles and core muscles, as well as some tips on how to effectively engage the core, try this article:  Developing Effective Abdominal Control and Core Strength in Dancers

Next time, my true favorite dance reality show: “So You Think You Can Dance”.