A Full February

Even if you are tiring of winter’s grey and cold, there is always brightness to be found when there’s great music and of course dancing!  

The Zumbathon for Haiti organized by Anna at Monroe Hall earned over $1500.  The money is going directly to the Red Cross for relief.  Thanks to the hard work of many volunteer instructors and others (plus those that donated goods and services for the raffle and auction), it was a fantastic event.  I hope you may have made your way to one of the Zumba fundraisers helping out Haiti and there’s still at least one more at Tone that I know of.  Haiti will need aid for a long time to come so even though the immediate news has died down, let’s not forget them.

Here’s Anna, Juan Martinez and myself doin a little mambo.  It was SO much fun to have so many instructors together.  We had a great time and the crowd’s energy was amazing!

The other special event I got to do this month was with the Girl Scouts.  For World Thinking Day, an event taking place worldwide, scouts of all levels come together in local gatherings to celebrate and learn about different cultures.  This is our first year in scouts and I am continuously impressed at how much the girls, under great leadership, can accomplish. A wonderful organization.

With the help of the almighty youTube, I pieced together a gahu dance for my daughter’s Daisy troop for their presentation on Nigeria.  The girls were superstars for their performance, and best of all, were smiling ear to ear. 

Of course my regular students will recognize my best side (haha!) in the turquoise headpiece.  My daughter is right behind me in the pink shirt.  What really made the dance spectacular though, was the live drumming led by Stori.

There is nothing like dancing to live drums.  Check out her site to learn more about her classes and other services.  She is outstanding! www.womencandrum.com

Looking forward to starting up a new session at Finley Center tomorrow!