TinaStengerTeamJust who is driving this Zumba bus?  I have been teaching Zumba in Santa Rosa since 2007.  I  moved up from Los Angeles to Sonoma County with my family 11 years ago as a step towards improving our quality of life. I’d say the move was a success! I formerly was a naturalist (not be confused with naturist) taught science for many years, helped run an internet startup  (if you have some time to waste, check out Spear Toss at www.makaimedia.com), and now create websites for local businesses (if you need a site, shoot me an email info@diabladesign.com). When not entertaining my two kids or tying on my dance shoes, I can usually be found in front of the computer.

I’m so happy to be living in Santa Rosa and even happier now that I can share Zumba with you. In addition to being an official Zumba instructor, I am certified in group fitness instruction and bring years of fitness and dance experience to my classes. I have long been a lover of world music and dance. To me, the earthiness of the music and fluidity of steps makes Latin dance feel so natural. Many of these styles have endured for decades, relatively unchanged. These types of dance are not just for the young or trendy but transcend boundaries. Zumba really is quite an amazing combination of dance and exercise. I hope you like it as much as I do!
I’d love to chat or answer any of your questions.  Call me at 707-490-4653 or email