August Already!

I hope everyone is squeezing as much enjoyment as possible out of summer!  The calendar may signal that it is drawing to a close but we still have many more heavenly weeks to go (if you’re not a public school student that is).  Plus it’s peak of the season for tomatoes and my favorite fruit, peaches! 

OK.  Zumba at the Bennett Valley Senior Center.  After sadly watching enrollment decline, we finally decided put this class on hold for the Fall/Winter season.  It hopefully will return in the future soon.  I have so much love for my loyal students there who were with me week-in-and-week-out from the very beginning.  Believe me, this was an extremely tough decision and I really regret that we won’t be joyfully dancing together Tuesday evenings.  I have old favorites “La Camisa Negra” and “Tu Papa y Tu Mama” in my playlist right now and it makes me think of you wonderful women!  Please keep in touch.  I am thinking of you!

Mondays and Wednesdays 5:30 pm at Finley Center will be on track starting the week of August 24.  More information in the Schedule section of this website.  I’ve refreshed the playlist with some classics and some hot new tunes including a fun ballroom samba and some crazy Mexican surf rock.  Keeping us all on our toes!  By the way, I am regularly posting my current playlist here on the site.  You can find the link at the bottom of the Class section.  Here’s the one for August: August playlist

The Sonoma County YMCA in Santa Rosa loves its Zumba and now you can take it 3 nights a week.  Ruth teaches Tuesdays and Thursdays and my class is on Wednesdays.  I have really enjoyed seeing old faces and new there these past few weeks.  Love your smiles!

That’s the news for now.  I have lots of other things rattling in my brain to write about here:  mirrors, TV dance programs, samba, and our favorite topic, SHOES!  I’ll hopefully be posting a little more frequently once I get my kiddos off to school.