Back to regularly schedule programming

Hi.  I will be posting my updates about Mike’s progress at the Caring Bridge website,  Thanks Cheryl for the recommendation! There is no sign-up, you just need to know to search for santarosamike at the site.

Just real quick, we are all surviving fine here.  Mike is ok today but it’s been a rough week and things are really day-to-day.  Hopefully things will settle down soon so we can get down to the business of rehab. 

Tomorrow, I am subbing two Zumba classes:  for Gina’s hiphop at the Y (4:30 pm) and for Maitane’s Zumba at Tone (6pm).  Then Wednesday, we kick off a new session at Finley Center (5:30 pm) and our class at the Y as usual (6:45pm).  I love this time of year!  The overall feeling of fresh starts and optimism really energizes me.  I’m looking forward to seeing lots of new and familiar faces in the new year!