Carlos Saura’s Flamenco Trilogy

Below, a hypnotic fight scene that will mesmerize you until the last second when you realize you’ve been holding your breath and not blinking the whole 8 minutes — performed by two groups of fierce women dancing with simmering aggression barely restrained by elegance, twitching their skirts like a stalking cat’s tail.  The movie Carmen is based on the play/opera, a tale of a dance troupe putting together a performance.  This is not watered down touristy flamenco.  It is gritty intense and worth blocking out some uninterrupted movie time to treat yourself.  I stayed up very late watching this after everyone else was in bed.  Hope you can find a copy! I am two thirds through the trilogy and loving it. This from someone who generally does not like gritty intense movies.

Watching this scene will give you a taste. If you think these women are incredible, wait until you see Antonio Gades, a flamenco legend (as is the dancer in black, Cristina Hoyos). I don’t know how this skinny guy projects such strength. Oh and Paco de Lucia on guitar…..the music is as evocative as the dancing…. .ok…. see, I can’t stop talking about it. See for yourself!