Challenging your body with intensity, not speed

Fast songs can be a fun way to raise the heartrate in a Zumba class but I am always looking for different ways to create intensity in our workout without just dialing up the tempo. Any student of pilates or yoga can tell you that you don’t have to be a human pogo stick to get a fantastic workout.

One thing I’ve been having fun with is balancing on one leg – not only does that leg have to support all your body weight, but numerous muscles are engaging just to keep you balanced as we “freeze” or do other movements. I love it!

I also like to incorporate big reaches – down, around, to the sides. Sending your center of gravity away from the usual base of your legs and feet forces muscles in and around your core to take over. Lower back, abs, and obliques all get their chance to work and strengthen.

I even find our brand new rumba cooldown challenging. To move that slowly as we shift our weight from foot to foot is not easy! You have to rely on muscle control instead of just momentum to get to the right place.

Balance, reach, bend, control! Yes you can sweat without jumping! Have a great workout!