Check out all JAS Dance Academy has to offer

I’m going to sneak over here for a few free classes/workshops while my kids are at birthday parties. Hope I see you!

JASDance Academy Grand Opening part-2

Sunday, April 15, 2012
10:00am until 5:00pm
3181 Cleveland Ave. Suite E
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

JASDANCE Academy, is opening their new dance studio. With over 10 years in Sonoma County and numerous events, workshops and classes. Our studio is for those 6 years to Adults. Classes are taught in DANCE & FITNESS in a variety of STYLES. ex: LATIN, BALLROOM, SWING, ZUMBA, PERSONAL TRAINING and TONING. The instructors have over 45 years combined DANCE and FITNESS experience and are very patient & energetic.

-Come join the FREE (30 min.) Yoga, Dance and Fitness Lesson!
*09:50 am YOGA by Chelsea from NY
*10:30am ZUMBA by Andrea and Angela
*11:10 am SALSA by JAS
*11:50 pm. West Coast Swing by Dick & Edna
*12:30 pm LADIES STYLING by BaShasta
*01:10 pm BALBOA/bal-swing (SWING) with Dick & Edna
*01:50 pm ZUMBA TONING by Andrea & Angela
*02:30 pm Flirty Girl Booty Beat by Debbie
*03:10 pm YOGA by Chelsea
*03:50 pm BACHATA by JAS

Schedule is subject to change. Please check website for latest information or call JAS @ (707) 293-4292.