Couple of tips from April Issue of Health Magazine

I tore out 3 little tidbits to share with you from my most recent issue of Health Magazine (and recycled the rest). Here they are:

Keep a Slush Fund: Each day you stick to your fitness goals, put a dollar in a special jar. At month’s end, use the money to buy something fun (and nonedible).

Satisfying the urge to chew: Chewing sugar-free gum burns 11 calories/hour (haha! My personal fave pictured above). Other low-cal options: licorice, dried fruit, and chewy granola snack bars.

No Brainer Breakfast: 2 microwaved eggwhites and a half slice of low-fat cheddar or Laughing Cow Light cheese wedge on a whole wheat english muffin. [I actually have been eating this healthyish McMuffin using 1/4 cup of egg substitute. Very hearty, delish and around 200 calories]