Dance like nobody’s watching? Not always!

Dance. I’m on a mission to share this little life’s pleasure, my friends. Too many people are missing out on the natural union of music and movement. Too many people are embarrassed to get off the couch and move. Why so shy? How come our social gatherings so rarely include dancing? Why do so many American men especially fear/dislike dancing so much? I’m bewildered! Email Me and tell me what you think!

Zumba on the DVD player is good for you, but Zumba at a live class is better! Dancing in the living room with the ipod is fun, but dancing in the living room with friends is better! I still have a few hundred more pictures of Spain to share (haha!), but I really wanted to get these up from one of my favorite days. We rendezvoused with this fabulous group (mostly grad students from Sarah’s and my alma mater), and after they fed us a delicious homecooked lunch, we all literally pushed back the furniture and had a dance party.

And is there such a thing as too old to dance?  What do you think?