Electro tango

Nuevo tango, electro tango, neo tango, tango fusion … contemporary artists have found many ways to twist the traditional strings and accordian stylings of traditional tango to create a more modern feel, while still maintaining the soulful chords and tense rhythms that we love about this dramatic music.

We are currently using Bajofondo’s “Montserrat”.  Tango is such a tough style to modify for Zumba as the traditional dance steps rely so inherently on partnering.  Anyway, we are having fun with it I think!  I love the drama!

Although many tango dancers are loyal to tradition, there are plenty that have ventured out into new territory that modern music has opened up. 

 Gotan Project “Amor Porteno”.

And here are some of my personal favorite neo tangos, a few of which you may recognize from class.  This is great background music.

Gotan Project:  La Revancha del Tango (love the whole album), Lunatico (ditto), plus songs “La Cruz del Sur” and “Sola”

Bajofondo Tango Club: “Mi Corazon”, “Pa Bailar” and “Montserrat”

El Alacran: “Reflejo de Luna”

Federico Aubele: “La Esquina”

Rodrigo y Gabriela: “Libertango”

Andrés Linetzky & Ernesto Romeo: “Sentimientos”

Koop (Astor Piazzolla remixed): “Vuelvo al Sur”