Farewell to Ellington Hall and Hello to the new website

Hi all! Sadly, I have dropped my Zumba class at Ellington Hall from the schedule. I thank you for making that class so special and making time for Zumba in your weekend. It has been a wonderful location full of wonderful students and memories. I am sorry to say goodbye to it, but look forward to relaxing with my family during that time. I hope one of my other Zumba classes in Santa Rosa can fit into your schedules. I’m especially looking forward to the new 5:30 pm Wednesday class at Finley Center! (see Schedule for details)

I’m keeping everyone on their toes by adding quite a few new songs recently: a sultry chacha, an energetic quebradita, and a nice classic salsa and samba. I’ve also put some time into sprucing up the site and hope to add more photos and even video soon. If I can’t get my own clips up here, I will at least post links to youTube where you can review your Zumba steps if you’d like. I love your feedback and suggestions. Keep them coming.

Nov 1, there will be a free Zumba demonstration at the Sonoma County Museum’s Family Fiesta in downtown Santa Rosa. I will be out in the street doing Zumba with my friends. I still have to firm up the time but I’ll post it here as soon as I found out. Maybe I’ll see you there! For more info: Sonoma County Museum

And as this month’s cooldown advises:
“… don’t worry ’bout a thing. ’cause every little thing gonna be alright…..” Bob Marley, Three Little Birds