Flamenco, Rumba

One of my students asked if I’d seen this video – and I actually had found it previously and watched for inspiration for flamenco style moves. Enjoy!

There are a couple of women in my classes who have flamenco training. Look to them for ideas of how to move, especially the arms and upper body. It’s all about creating shape, projecting strength, passion and elegance, and connection to the rhythm of the music. If you poke around youTube, there is no shortage of flamenco videos featuring the beautiful grace of bailarinas. What about the guys? Here’s a few examples.

More traditional

Bust a Move! (hey if anyone’s ever inspired to whip into a 720 – or an 1800! – during class don’t let me get in your way)

Just grooving to some Gipsy Kings style rumba. Like a woman’s skirt or shawl, his coat is part of the dance.

Ok. One more! I pulled some steps for my version of “Mirame” (Victor Manuelle) from this video