Getting kids to Think Healthy

Despite having been in education for many years (or maybe because of it!), I had not done Zumba with children until last week.  What a joy it was!  Network for a Healthy California put on 2 wonderful outdoor events at local parks in Rohnert Park and Santa Rosa with a variety of engaging activities to get kids thinking about staying healthy and fit.  It was so much fun to team up with the dynamic Gina Whiting and her amazing daughter to show how much fun exercising can be.  The boombox was just a little too quiet, the sun was just a little too hot.  But enthusiasm was high, bean and rice shakers were keeping the beat, and we just had a great time. 


Gina connects with the audience.  I got to co-lead with my daughter.

Raising the roof!

Getting out of the gyms and into the community, surrounded by kids and their families and contributing in a small way to spread such a worthy messsage  — well it just did my heart so good!  I really admire the work Network for a Healthy California does.  The Champions for Change crew here are amazing!