Gipsy Kings coming to Sonoma State

I just purchased a lawn seat for this concert.  It will be my 3rd time seeing them – the first was quite a while ago!

In 1995 I was working up in the San Jacinto mountains at an outdoor school, perennially attired in fleece and hiking boots, and making $35 a day leading hikes and teaching science to 5th graders.  We lived fairly primitively in a dorm setting and it was a huge deal to buy these tickets, “dress up” (whatever our version of that was back then) and descend to the glittering glamour of LA for this concert, especially since I’d been living outside the corn belt for less than a year.  My wonderful friend with the beautiful mermaid hair drove us in her periwinkle pickup and we had a dreamy adventure being civilized and cultured women of the world for a day.  I’m pretty sure we splurged on Carl’s Jr for dinner before driving up to Griffith Park, a perfect setting for the concert.  It is a very dear memory to me.


Pointing out the Hollywood sign.


So a lifetime later, I’m ready to spend some time with friends on another beautiful California evening transported by this earthy irresistible music.  I’ll bring the Serrano and Manchego.  Who wants to share a blanket?  Open invite!

Cheapie lawn seats are $27.50.