Thank you so much for your many thoughts and good wishes sent our way, the hugs and smiles, offers of help and support in every way and for continuing to give it your all during class!  I gain so much strength and positivity from my connections with you!

We’re all doing ok at our house.  Mike is still in ICU but stable and we are looking to move him to a longterm acute care facility so we can get on with rehab.  He is awake and engaged with us and definitely can understand much of what we are saying.  So right there is a lot of reason to be happy.  It continues to be a daily emotional rollercoaster but I anticipate things leveling off as Mike gets stronger and healthier. 

I’m scaling back classes a bit.  For now, I’m just freeing up my weekends, so that means I’m no longer on the schedule at Tone except as the occasional sub.  Again, thanks to the outstanding instructors who have filled in the classes I’ve missed (as well as those who support me with lots of Zumba love).  I’m pleased to announce that Anna Tu, who had a great time with you all at Finley, will be teaching Zumba Gold regularly at the Bennett Valley Center starting in mid-January.  Zumba Gold is a lower impact version of Zumba but still just as spicy and fun as the original!  The class will be Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2 pm and is drop-in so no advance signup needed!  Not sure if the price has been determined but their programs are usually very reasonable.

Now for some silly news- my sister in Illinois, a distance trail runner, does these crazy training runs.  You know, like running 20 miles to train for her next 50K.  Did I mention she does this in the middle of Illinois?  In the winter?  Oh and she’s 12 years my senior????  Well, I figure what better gift could I give her than 3 hours of heart-pumping Zumba music to run to!  And the cd’s are making the rounds of the club.  So she and her nutty friends might just be Kuliki-taka-ti-ing their way up the next big hill!  (I have another inspiring sister too.  I’ll tell you about her another time)