Great Danes

I ran across videos of dancer and fitness instructor Dennis Thomsen when looking for inspiration for the song Sheila Ki Jawani. From what I can tell from their website,, Dennis and Tina Thomsen are a husband-wife team that teach dance, as well as Zumba, Masala Bhangra and several other forms of dance fitness. I just love their style which is bouncy, cheerful, and carefree. It seems they barely touch the floor! Enjoy these videos and seek them out if you happen to be traveling thru Denmark!

I mean this is how much energy they have in an empty room:

So fun to see the teamwork and interaction between them, as well as connection with the class.  Both are fabulous dancers which could be intimidating to their students, but their friendliness and humor seem very disarming.  (seeing this video again, I think I need to add this song and choreo to our lineup!  Watch for it!)

Here’s Dennis’ version of Sheila Ki Jawani.  Homeboy is a serious goofball.