I miss Zumba and update on my husband.

I miss you all so much and I hope you are behaving yourselves for my subs!  I think I have left you in good hands and I appreciate Ruth, Anna, Maitane and whomever else (maybe Gina?) has been covering for me on short notice.  Hope you’re enjoying some new songs and moves.  I plan to return in the next week or two. 

My husband Mike remains heavily sedated in ICU.  It’s been 9 days now and I really have nothing to report here.  Nothing good or bad,  We just wait for him to heal enough to move on to the next stage.  It was a rather serious hemorrhagic stroke and unusual in someone just 40.  We try to be positive and, well, things could have been worse so I look at it that way as much as I can.  I am surviving and am surrounded by the most wonderful family and friends that you can imagine.  I really appreciate everyone and anyone checking in even if I haven’t had a chance to respond yet.

And you know I’m all sunshine and rainbows most of this time but let me just say that I have never ever been treated so badly at a place of business as I was by the men at the towing company/auto body shop.  They were absolutely uncompassionate, unprofessional, unhelpful and unpleasant.  I could write more but I just googled “What is libel” and figure I should stop there. Thankfully, Farmers Insurance has stepped in and is moving our car to G & C.

Since I hate to end on such a distasteful note, here are my two most favorite kids in the whole world!