June Tidbits

Hi everyone! Are you enjoying this unbelievable weather? It has just been so pleasant this week. I’m not even complaining about the allergies so much (Zyrtec, or rather Costco’s generic, is a miracle drug as far as I’m concerned).

Classes at Airport Club, the Sonoma County YMCA and Finley Center have just been rolling along. And perhaps because of the reappearance of the Zumba infomercial and a few magazine articles, we’ve been noticing a little perk-up in attendance. Great to see the new faces! Also with summer, I get to see some teachers, moms and students too that I missed when school was in session. Love having you back everyone! It’s so nice to exit the Y at 8pm and the sun is still up. So different from December.

I’ve had the pleasure of subbing for a few of my friends recently and really appreciate the warm welcomes you all have extended.  Thanks!

The ZumbaFest for Lily, organized by Leticia Ortiz, was hot hot hot! Ok, besides the A/C being non -existent and the unseasonably sweltering weather, the dancers and teachers were on fire! Surely no toxins remained in our bodies after the amount of sweat we poured out! Wonderful energy from all of you and we raised a considerable amount to help send Lily on her way. Heartfelt thanks to those who donated time and energy to organize, set up and take down. We also appreciated the generous auction items, refreshments and of course thanks to all who enthusiastically danced and supported this remarkable young woman.

Lily (who this was all for!) and Leticia leading the crowd


Nicole Pope got things started off right!


The buoyant and energetic group! Great job everyone!


Your grateful instructors: Tina Stenger (me!), Nicole Pope, Lily, Leticia Ortiz and Monica Smith. Evelyn Loony was on the road trying get there as soon as she could!