Move it or lose it

After a week’s vacation, I was a little worried about getting back into Zumba. Classes were definitely harder for me last week, but the galvanizing music and the fun of working out together with a group helped get me back into it.

When we fall off the exercise bandwagon (or the healthy eating bandwagon or ….), we need to motivate ourselves to climb right back on it again as soon as possible. There is no reason to put it off and lots of reasons to just jump back in and start over the best we can. Exercise (or lack of exercise) should not be tied to guilt. I hope for you, that it is more of a treat. Our bodies like being active, our minds thrive on the stimulation, and our spirits enjoy the lift of being around happy endorphin-filled people. Find time to treat yourself– See you in class!

YMCA members: pick up your free special booklet of guest passes at the front desk and share them around! The current promotion ends Dec 15 and you could win an iPod, a gas card and more!

Also, don’t forget this Saturday’s Gobblestopper– nonstop bite-sized classes from all your favorite instructors and a chance to sample something new too. Ruth and I will be doing back-to-back Zumba 9:45-10:35. If you are considering joining the Y, here’s one way to see what it has to offer you.   YMCA Gobblestopper Schedule