My dear friends,

My husband Mike suffered a stroke yesterday afternoon while driving home.  I do not know many details– I still don’t even know where our car is.  He has had surgery to remove as much of the clot in his brain as possible and will be unconscious and recovering for at least 48 hours (Wed night/Thurs morning).  At that point, more tests and next course of action will be determined. 

Thank you so much for your concern, caring and love– believe me, I can feel it and it gives me strength.   I have much caring family now in town so our survival needs are under control.  Many of you have already offered support in many ways– believe me, I will probably be needing it and will let you know. 

That’s it for now.  Going to try to sleep and then pass the next two days.  Good thing I have my demanding (but much beloved) 2 kids to focus on!

Many thanks and love love love,