Odds and ends


Mark your calendars for an upcoming Zumbathon– 2 hours of nonstop Zumba action Sunday Nov 15 from 12-2pm.  This Zumbathon benefits the Global Student Embassy – a service learning organization based in Sebastopol.  Visit their site here and read details about the Zumbathon here.  Featured instructors will be Nina Joly, Gerardo Sanchez (who is generously hosting the event at his Multicultural Tae Kwon Do Studio in Santa Rosa) and myself.  Donation is $20.

Next, we started the November sessions of Zumba classes at the Finley Center in Santa Rosa last night.  I was thrilled to have another great turnout with many returning students and plenty of intrepid newcomers.  However I owe you a huge apology for the sound problems.  The staff is very aware and regretful of the distortion we’re experiencing and are making it a top priority to get things straightened out for Wednesday night.  I will bring a CD this time as a Plan B just in case.  Music is such a fundamental component of a rocking Zumba class and Monday, I was not able to deliver.  I found it quite distracting and regret that I was not able to provide you with my highest quality class that night.  Moving forward!

Last, another Zumba instructor posted the following on the instructors’ message board:

My mom was suffering from excruciating pain in her feet and ankles. They just got so bad that she could barely walk. It was a deeeeep deep muscle ache. She tried all sorts of things and finally went to a naturopath. She told her to soak her feet in HOT water (as hot as she could stand) with a bar of Dial soap dissolved in it.

Then reheat every night for five nights (you can get new, but you can just reheat) It creates a creamy almost pasty kind of substance. Wash your feet well before and after each treatment.

I thought she was nuts, but she SWORE it worked miracles. My feet have been aching, so I thought it was worth a try… and CHEAP!

OMG You will NOT believe how amazing this stuff is! I was having aching feet, ankles, shins, everything. I tried this for just two days in a row and it was like a miracle cure. I thought you all might like to give it a try… if you have aching feet, its awesome. I’ve tried Epsom salts, but this is FAR better…

WOW!  I cannot WAIT to try this.  I bought my soap this morning.  I’ll report back!