Sonoma Zumba

Zumba classes in Santa Rosa

This Friday evening, gas up the car, put on the radio and scoot down to Corte Madera for a very cool combo class featuring Royland and Efren presenting Cubaton and LaToya and Cat presenting I Love Dancehall.

You will come out sweaty, inspired and your face tired from smiling.

Here are the details:

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How many times in a week do I say “I really want to write a blog post about….”  But it doesn’t get done.  Time to get back in the habit –  So many things I want to share!

I’ll ease in with short and sweet – a video about a man with a neurologic disorder who discovers that instead of brain surgery, he could

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Until I get Gipsy Kings photos online, here is a youtube vid from a different live concert I did not attend (I wish!). I’m working on choreography for this one but concert footage is a must see – two passionate women (Spanish artists La Mari and her guest Bebe) sharing a love for music and an affection and admiration for each other. I just love it.

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