Pants for the dance

Ok so I’ve talked about shoes plenty on here.  How about pants?

If you poke around, youTube or just at your own gym, It is rare you’ll see a Zumba instructor in your basic black stretch pants.  For one thing, there’s comfort.   Close-fitting pants can be super sweaty and bunch/ride up, stretch at the knees etc., at least in my experience.  Then there’s appearance. Zumba is practically synonymous with bright cheerful colors and a mashup of urban/tropical style.  If you’re ready to break free from your black capris (and in some cases break the bank), read on.

My personal preference is cargos.  I don’t actually store anything in all those pockets, but I just like the baggy cut.  If you are shopping online they can be called fitness cargos, workout cargos, dance cargos, hiphop cargos, etc.  They can be cargo capris or full length.  I like thin soft fabric, and a comfortable stretchy waistband (as opposed to a simple drawstring across the top). has great pants and I’m not just saying that!   They are designed with Zumba movement in mind and the ones I’ve worn/seen are all great!

I also have some KOS and some Bluefish.  I give Bluefish the edge for the comfortable waistband, light fabric and the cut fits me better.  I am really eyeing the Protokolo UV Cargo pants though.

Loose fit pants like this do not impede your movement and air can get up in there and cool off your legs.  As long as the fabric is flexible and not stiff, they will flatter your curves too!  The material is generally not stretchy but because it’s a loose cut, it is not necessary.  Warning, though, line dry only!

Where to shop?  Anyone who’s shopped with me, is aware that I am allergic to paying full price.  At the brand sites or fitnesswear distributors, and even you can often find a clearance/sale/closeout section. Also be sure to hunt for coupon codes, deals on FB etc.  I’ve happily purchased from Bluefish Sport directly, Palm Beach Athletic Wear, and Body by Brazil.  Yeah I’ve shopped at Target too but the cuts are very straight and the quality is iffy.  Another option is outdoor brands like Columbia (try Sports Authority) or REI.  My Lucy Walkabout pants are absolute heaven to wear: very stretchy, feather-light and seemingly indestructible.  Sure the colors are going to be limited to some variation of khaki but the performance fabric will be sweat-wicking, sturdy, and flexible to accommodate any rock climbing you might be doing in addition to Zumba.

Heading out to class!  Happy shopping!