Recent post-Zumba conversation

Me: C, You are so good at picking up new steps and I think I figured out why.
Student C: Because I am Latina?
Me: Well, that may be part of it. Obviously you love the music. But no. It’s something else. It’s because you are a soccer player.
C: You think so?
Me: YES!!!

What I observed about C is that she is capable of instantly changing directions and shifting her weight. Her nimble feet (and alert mind) make even complex steps that are brand new appear easy. Even if she anticipates the step is going to go one way but it doesn’t, she can correct herself very quickly. What a great skill and so useful when introduced to new songs.  And yes C is a superb dancer, but I also give credit to her years of soccer experience.

Now you know I emphasize having fun and getting a workout over getting the steps 100% correct. Still, there is that pleasurable sense of accomplishment when you nail a song, not to mention the benefits of agility and balance. Take a cue from C and try to keep your weight centered over your feet most of time. Don’t “hang out” too much on one foot. Be observant and ready to switch direction or shift your weight at any time- expecially when you are learning new steps. Bending your knees helps a great deal with this.

And taking this a step further, Zumba is fantastic cross training for sports such as tennis, basketball and of course, soccer. Vice versa is true too!


– I’m pleased to report the sound is back nice and loud at Finley Center. I couldn’t be happier. Great class tonite!

– Dial soap foot soak- worked sort of but I think more trouble and mess than it’s worth!

– Hope you can make it to the Zumbathon this coming Sunday. Details here!