Ryka Studio D on sale today and tomorrow only. $30!

My favorite Zumba shoes are on sale for $30 at Zulily. Now, everyone’s feet and preferences are different, and unfortunately you cannot try on and return. But I will say I have worn this model and ONLY this model of shoe for teaching Zumba for YEARS. I’ve tried others and keep coming back.  I suggest you order half a size up.

Zulily is a flash sale/membership type site. They’re totally legit so don’t be scared to register.



(p.s.  You can read user reviews at zappos.com  In fact, the same shoes are $48 there with free shipping and returns.  Also a good price.  Maybe that works better for you?)

(p.p.s.  Mary Raia is the shoe model in the photo.  You can find the rest of her, plus her fabulous Zumba class every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening at the Sebastopol Community Center.  www.letsgozumba.com)