Salsa elbows

First the disclaimer – Zumba is not dance class but rather dance-inspired fitness. The salsa we do is certainly based on legitimate basic steps but we aren’t teaching the finer points in Zumba class. Nonetheless, there’s no reason we can’t draw some tips from the pros.

I ran across this video about more natural looking dancing from Addicted 2 Salsa. This website is chock full of videos (also found on youTube) produced by a group of dancers passionate about sharing their knowledge via online tutorials. The demos range from beginner to expert. About 6:24 he starts talking about arm movement. The hand/foot opposition either has been happening for you instinctively or will come with practice (for me it took conscious effort!). Then, starting around 9:06 of this clip, our host brilliantly explains something I’ve never bothered to put into words: that the natural rhythmical movement of your arms should originate from the elbows – not the hands. So Smart! I hope you can try it both ways and see the difference.

As for the first part of the video, the info about keeping your topline level and not bouncing is all good but again, as we add fitness elements like larger exaggerated steps and more lunge-like movement, then we inevitable lower our bodies down to further work our legs and hips.

I have my next salsa in mind, Salsa con Coco, but it’s slow going. It is broken down into so many parts that the choreography does not come easy. All I can say now is that if you habitually wear all black to class, it’s time to add some pizzazz to your Zumba and take some fashion inspiration from the lead singer of Cocoband.

Clearly he is not afraid of color and you shouldn’t be either! See you soon!