Shoe Review

I’d be surprised if you haven’t already heard me glowing about my new Ryka Studio-D Low shoes.  If you’re looking for a shoe made specifically for dance fitness (lightweight and supportive with a narrow sole and smooth tread), PLUS you want to do your part to help stimulate the economy (know what I mean?), give these shoes a try!  Unfortunately, I do not know anywhere that sells them locally where you could try them on.  However, many sites such as have very accommodating return policies, where it makes sense to order a couple sizes, try them on, then return the pair that doesn’t fit. 

I still like my Nike dance fitness shoes (which you can try on locally) well enough but these Rykas have definitely moved into first place.

Just my personal endorsement!  Zumba Fitness LLC not involved in any way!

Breaking news:  Did an informal survey of tonight’s class among those who got new shoes recently:  2 Nike “dance fitness” wearers are quite please with their purchases (hint: try the Petaluma outlet mall to try and score a deal).  One Bloch Dance Sneaker wearer also quite pleased.  New Ryka Studio D wearer:  not so happy but willing to give them another go.  You know, I wasn’t thrilled with mine at first but the second time I laced them a little looser and it’s been love ever since.  Anyway, bottom line: one size/brand does not fit all!  If in doubt, just wrap some blue tape on!  The floor at Finley is quite sticky so protect your precious joints!