I’m just going to throw some of my pictures up here so you can get a tiny taste of the fantastic trip I took with my sister to Andalucia a month ago. I have long been a nature girl but my cravings have been shifting over to culture and history and just learning more about people. Being out of the country (my first time overseas by the way) was so stimulating. I loved seeing the magnificent and everyday human accomplishments, feeling proud when we survived another day without accidentally ordering octopus, and having a great time exploring on the cheap with my sister Sarah. I loved being out and about with hundreds of people in the evenings, getting lost in the narrow streets, eating late at night, and enjoying this place that the Spaniards are so clearly very proud of. The camera does not do the country or my experiences justice and my words can’t describe how much I loved my time there.  But it’s the best I can do!