The hills are alive….with pollen-spewing vegetation

Raise your hand if you are SO ready for allergy season to be over!!!  According to my recollections, things start tapering off in June.  Can’t be too soon for me!  Also coming up in June: new Zumba class sessions at Santa Rosa Recreation and Parks.  I applaud everyone who is enjoying the outdoors and incorporating a variety of activities and exercise in their lives.  But don’t be a stranger or I’ll miss you!  I hope you can still find time in your schedules for a little Zumba!  

Speaking of summer, there was an article in the Press Democrat called  “Baring Arms for Summer” about getting your arms toned up for those short sleeves.  They recommend some classic exercises using small weights to work out biceps and triceps.  I do pretty well just doing the arm moves incorporated in our Zumba songs, but several weeks ago, I got the dumbbells out of the garage and put them next to the TV.  Yup, they sure look nice there!  Ok, so now I should actually start using them.  Anyone care to join me?  And I can certainly work pushups into one of our songs in class-just let me know!

There is a Zumba Master class presented by San Jose’s Dave Dixon and Susy C coming up this Saturday at Gerardo Sanchez’s Multicultural Tae Kwon Do studio here in Santa Rosa.  This is a great opportunity to participate in a high energy evening Zumba party!  You can buy tickets for $25 at I’ll be there along with many of the area’s other Zumba instructors including, of course, Gerardo himself.  Hope to see you!

Instructor Anna Tu also has some fun Zumba events coming up including Zumba Kids!  Check out her site: