Today is the first day of the rest of this blog

Thanks for checking back in here! Sorry about my yearlong blog sabbatical!

Finley classes have kicked off for the summer this week – I know it’s been hot in the auditorium. I actually don’t mind hot and humid- my body enjoys the reminder of Illinois summers. Dress lightly and remove layers as necessary! Zumba people are not known for being shy about showing a little skin. If you’re not ready to go bare chested like Beto frequently does, you might want to try cooling off with a modified shirt.

If you go to the website for Z Life magazine, you can find tutorials on how to cut some stylish ventilation into your tank or tee.  Go to and scroll down to the third article.   There’s more vids for the scissor adventurer to be found on YouTube!  Maybe you aren’t a sew-er but destruction is more your cup of tea?

Ok. Now if you didn’t catch this week’s homework, it is to practice proper squat form sideways in a mirror.  Feet hip distance apart, toes forward, weight back in heels.  Sit way back and tip upper body forward (remember: portapotty!).  Make sure your knees do not travel forward past toes!

And your other homework is to watch So You Think You Can Dance on Fox, Wed and Thursday evenings.  Channel some of the joy in movement these kids have in our next class!