YMCA – free 2 week trial. Ends Oct 31

Give the Y a try with their 2 week free family pass!  Just sign up at the front desk and you can start using it today.  Take the kids swimming (the little pool is bathtub warm), work out up stairs, or try any and all of the group exercise classes including cycle, yoga, and need I say it?  ZUMBA!!  If you aren’t already a member of a gym, I hope you can take advantage of this offer.  Click here for the Sonoma County Family YMCA website.

Ok a couple of other announcements– tomorrow (Sat 5-7 pm) is a Zumbathon at Gerardo Sanchez’s Multicultural Tae Kwon Do Studio.  Gerardo, his wife Luz, plus instructors Nina Joly and Leticia Ortiz will be putting on an what is sure to be a hawt Zumba party to raise money for Windsor public schools.  Sorry such late notice but hope you can make it.  Here’s more info:  Zumbathon.  It’s no news that public schools are struggling this year so your $15 will be much appreciated! 

Last, Louie Vito totally disappointed me this week on Dancing With the Stars so I need to scrub him from my top 3 list unless he gets his act together!