Yowza- incredible class at Finley last night

It was the first class of the fall season at Santa Rosa Rec & Parks and the auditorium was packed with eager students.  Old acquaintances greeting each other, new students looking around a little nervously, me hoping I remembered all the new songs…. Once the music came on, though, we were all the same- just wanting to move move move!  I’m glad we could squeeze everyone on the waiting list in, but I realize it is a fine line between a room filled with fantastic energy and a room that is just plain crowded.  I think we did ok with the number we had but wouldn’t want to go bigger.  Please sign up early in case we reach capacity again in future sessions!

I threw a rather challenging playlist out there and everyone just jumped in with both feet and a willingness to try anything and everything.  It made me proud!  Thank you — to the newbies for taking a chance on something unfamiliar, and of course to the returning students for giving it your all and creating such a fun atmosphere.   And I so appreciate those of you that came with friends.  That just makes it all the more fun.  My favorite part is when I see friends turn their heads to give each other a look that says: “she wants us to do WHAT?!?!!?”

I sincerely hope class met all your expectations (and if not, drop me a note and let me know). I am commited to make this Fall/Winter season at Parks & Rec the best ever.

I am thrilled to soon be joining the venerable Zumba team at Tone studio, located on 4th St near downtown Santa Rosa.  Their newest Zumba class will be Sunday mornings, 11:40am- 12:30pm.  This class kicks off Sept 13.   Visit www.tonefitness.com for info.  No membership required- dropins welcome!  They have Zumba on the schedule practically every day with a great variety of teachers, in addition to yoga, pilates and much much more.

The longer I teach Zumba, the more frequently I run into familiar faces all around town.  Sometimes we have a hard time recognizing each other in our normal clothes, hair down etc.  It’s always a pleasure to see you though!  Just makes the world a nicer place!

Last thing– two more Zumba jams coming up in the area.  Gerardo Sanchez, Susy Cabarloc and Dave Dixon will be leading 2 hours of Zumba in Healdsburg as a fundraiser this coming Sunday 12-2.  More info here.  And I just received an email announcing Lauren Drinkhall (Zumba instructor in Sonoma) will be co teaching a 90 minute jam in San Rafael on Sept 27.  I’ll post up her flyer asap.

That’s all for now!