Zumba Fest Sat nite June 12, upcoming concerts

SO many things I want to write about:  Mapale, So You Think You can Dance Season 7, my Rykas, Yoga Toes, salsa music, infomercials….. But today, I want to use this space for a couple of timely announcements. 

First, Zumba Fest for Lily is fast approaching.  It is 6-8 pm, Sat June 12 at the Healdsburg Community Center. This 2 hour Zumba fundraiser is to help send a bright local high school student to the Global Young Leaders Conference in New York and Washington DC.  Think we can raise $1000?  I do!  Email me if you’d like to purchase a ticket in advance ($10 or $15 at the door) tina@sonomazumba.com (also if you have a silent auction idea or donation).  And here’s a link to the flyer with the details.  If you’ve never been to a multi-instructor Zumba event, you are in for a treat.  Six caliente Zumba instructors will be serving up their best stuff.  Make sure you eat your Wheaties!

Ok.  Now onto some local concerts. 

One of our students (thanks Raj and Valerie too!) told me Angelique Kidjo will be performing a free outdoor concert in SF on Sunday June 20.  Her performance is scheduled for 2pm but I’m told you should arrive early.  Here are the details.  I am currently using her song “Bahia” as a cooldown and have in the past used “Lon Lon” (that’s the Bolero one), and her amazing cover of “Summertime.”   Some of my other favorites by her are “Black Ivory Soul”, “Tumba” and “Iemanja”.

Aaaaaaand, the Gipsy Kings will be at the Uptown Theater in Napa on July 12.  Hearing their music years ago was probably the singular event that made this sheltered midwestern girl fall in love with musica latina.  My sister gave me a cassette with Mosaique on it and I absolutely wore it out.  I’ve seen them twice in concert outdoors at the Greek Theater in LA and they were both some of my favorite evenings EVER.  Now this is not a free concert.  Do you happen to have a spare $135 lying around?  If so, then go BAMBOLEO!

Shout out to Ruth’s Tues/Thurs classes at the Y – I had so much fun with you this week.  Thank you! (and my Wednesday crew- you know I love you!)  It’s been great to see some people I’ve missed and all the new faces too, along with my beloved regulars.

Sorry I don’t know how to get my text to wrap around the photos!  I’ve tried!