Zumba – what is the 70-30 ratio?

Note: Thank you Anna Tu for correcting my ratio information!

Zumba Inc. is incredibly flexible about allowing instructors to be creative and individual with music, choreography, and presentation in their classes.  That is one admirably awesome way in which Zumba is different from Jazzercise, BodyPump, and some other group fitness programs.  Of course giving instructors so much leeway can definitely backfire, but for the most part you will find that we instructors work hard to keep the integrity and quality of the Zumba name intact.

The 70-30 ratio is one important way that Zumba defines its classes in order to maintain consistency worldwide.  Zumba instructors all know this number as the ratio of international rhythms (Latin or other must comprise at least 70%) to non- (hiphop, pop or rock can make up no more than 30%) songs that should comprise our playlist.  Most often, we chew into the 30% with our warmups and cooldowns.  We frequently use familiar songs from the radio to get everyone feeling comfortable at the beginning of class, or send us off with a smile.

I’ve used quite a bit of Carribean music (most often Soca), African, Middle-Eastern, and even a Romani/Gypsy song.  Now that you have been hearing me rave about the Bollywood dance class I took for the past month, you know that an Indian song is in our future!  I say this in my website and I’ll repeat it again here:  The variety of cultures and styles represented in Zumba’s music and dance steps sets the tone for the class. All are welcome and appreciated here.

And here’s just one more Bollywood vid if you’ll indulge me! This is definitely more contemporary than the last ones I posted.  Hrithik Roshan is a major Bollywood hunk and a charismatic dancer to boot. Enjoy!